When first asked if I would be interested in testing Zacuto’s new Gratical EVF for a week, I wanted to make sure I could take it through the trenches on a real production. In my 23 years as a filmmaker, I’ve learned it’s always best to test gear in the field, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the production itself. 
I had an opportunity to test the Gratical EVF while on a shoot with my RED camera at The Second City in Chicago. In short, Zacuto’s Gratical EVF is pretty amazing, and I’d recommend that other filmmakers check it out.

Not only is this EVF compatible with my new RED camera, It’s also compatible with almost every other camera out there.
I think every camera needs a good EVF to help filmmakers focus up their shots. Most of today’s cameras come with small screens, which aren’t as effective when you’re on location outside on a bright sunny day trying to focus up your shot. Glare and reflection can make that really challenging. Even though I have a 7-inch touch-screen monitor on my RED camera, I still found myself looking through the Gratical to check my focus while on my shoot. A camera monitor is great to have and gives you a good sense of what your shot will look like on screen. But having a good EVF can help you ensure your shot is truly in focus. 
What I like best about the Gratical EVF is that it feels like it’s a part of my RED camera. It doesn’t stick out like a third-party piece of gear. Finally, we have a solid viewfinder that works with every camera!

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