Leah Shortell Featured in Otterness's Profile Short Film

Otterness latest character profile short titled “Leah” features Leah Shortell, an independent documentary filmmaker and photographer from Chicago, Illinois. Shortell has traveled the world for her work, visually capturing life and culture one frame at a time. She graduated in 2012 with a Masters of Fine Arts in Independent Film and Digital Imaging, and currently teaches digital film and speech courses at Saint Xavier University in Chicago.

About Leah

Leah was filmed on-location at the City Methodist Church, located in Gary Indiana, it’s one of the best known and most popular Midwest locations for movie crews, indie films, music video's and photographers. It's been used in movies, from "Nightmare on Elm" Street to "Transformers 3." On 7-29-2012 the crew of "Chicago Rot" (Indie film) was shooting there. In 2010, 24 different movies shot in Gary, many shooting scenes at the church. 2011 saw an estimated 50+ productions. Even parts of "Pearl Harbor were shot in Gary!


Camera and Lenses Used

The entire "Leah" short was shot on Canon's C300 Cinema Camera equipped with Rokinon’s Cine lenses. "The Rokinon lenses were able to provide that cinematic look that I was trying to go for" says Otterness. With the De-Clicked Aperture Wheel and as good as Canon L in terms of build quality and optics, You can't beat the price for the amazing visuals these lenses produce. 

Status and Release Date

Leah is nearing the end in post-production and is expected to be released to various social media outlets in September 2014. Make sure to check out “POSTHOUSE PICTURES” Official Facebook Page for all the latest news and releases.