The behind-the-scenes of Lauren Santee’s music video, titled “The Making of Let Down,” follows film director Kevin Otterness, his cast and crew on a two-day music video shoot in Chicago. The video also features an exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Lauren Santee. 


Zee Gustafson (Owner of Zee Artistry) is a Celebrity Makeup Artist based in Chicago, Illinois. With over six years of industry experience, Zee began her career with Sephora as a Color Specialist where she was able to learn and refine her craft. In 2010, she founded Zee Artistry after making the decision to leave the retail world and pursue makeup as a full time freelance artist. In the past year and a half she has made her mark in the Chicago scene and has worked with clients such as Lupe Fiasco, Steve Lemme, and Danielle Fornarelli to name a few. Proficient in Editorial, Commercial, Bridal, Airbrush, and Special FX makeup, Zee's work has been featured across multiple forms of media including television (MTV, TNT, TLC), feature films, book covers, billboards, and magazines (Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Michigan Ave).

How did you get started?
I was taking classes in high school to get my Cosmetology License because my parents told me that I needed a 'back up' plan just in case Forensic Science didn't work out for me. I woke up one morning about halfway through the program and decided that I wanted to do hair and makeup for the rest of my life. I then got a job at Sephora for holiday work thanks to one of my classmates and it was all uphill from there. They were an amazing company to work for as they sent me around the country for trainings and had daily education on product, application and ingredients.

I realized that makeup came just as easy to me as hair did but after about three years I got bored of retail, so I left the company and started my own: Zee Artistry. Now 3 years later I am still plugging away, working with some of the most talented crews, photographers, and models in the city! I pretty much have to thank my parents and my best friend in 6th grade who showed me how to apply foundation, for a successful career.

How did you like working on Lauren Santee's Music Video Let Down?
It was a blast! I truly enjoy watching an artist showcase their work in any outlet and when they allow me to help create the look they want broadcasted to the world. Everyone on the crew was extremely talented and a pleasure to be around. Its one of the best feelings when everyone on a set is passionate about not only the job on the day of, but what will come of their work in the end. I am definitely looking forward to a long relationship with Posthouse Pictures!

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I met with Kevin to work on his music video for artist Lauren Santee. He needed a 1st Assistant Director to keep the set moving, particularly since a lot of stuff had to be shot within a very short time (as is always the case in this line of work).  With my experience as a director, I thought I understood what Kevin needed and how I could best assist him in making his day. I brought in a 2nd AD, Will Kisner, who was extremely good at rallying the crew. We developed a really nice and nearly mechanical way of working almost instantly. Many film crews are rough to start, particularly working with new people. On Kevin's shoot, however, there was no tension - only professionalism and motivation. It's the kind of set you dream about working on.

My experiences as a director, in short, weren't really needed. The planning and careful and concise detail that went into each and every shot was so well thought out the best thing I could do was simply gently remind Kevin what time it was, and how much time he had to do the next shot. 

Overall, it was a great experience, and is a testament to the power of good planning and good decision making. I'm excited for Kevin's next project, whatever it may be.