Director Kevin Otterness takes you behind the scenes of Carla Kosak's "Don't Want Your Man" music video. The video also features exclusive interviews with singer Carla Kosak, production designer Kim St. Aubin and director Kevin Otterness. 



In 2010 director Kevin Otterness asked me to production design Carla Kosak’s “I Don’t Want Your Man” music video.  Kevin and I had a meeting to discuss his vision.  He wanted three to four different set designs that had a classy and rich club vibe.  I did a lot of research online looking at clubs in Vegas and Chicago to get an idea of a color scheme.  I then drew some rough sketches and showed them to Kevin.

The main and biggest set design was the light room.  I went shopping for fabric to find something that would look rich on camera.  I found many different options and got some samples of each to show Kevin.  We then narrowed down the fabric choices to three: the red, cream, and blue paisley.  Then I went shopping for a couch for the light room.  I got lucky and at the first store I found the couch for only $15.  I went with my gut and purchased it without consulting with Kevin.  

A few days later Kevin and I met up to start constructing the set designs in his basement. We started with the light room.  We hung up the fabric around the couch and then hung the hanging light bulbs.  Then we did some camera tests and adjusted the lighting.  Once the main light room was done I went to work on the blue paisley room.  I taped fabric to the wall of Kevin’s basement.  

After all the set designs were perfected we brought Carla in to do some tests.  I had Carla bring ten to twenty different outfits and from there Kevin and I chose a few to test out on camera.  Kevin and I looked at the test footage and we liked one of her outfits but felt that we needed to shop for another option, which was the black and white corset top.  

I had a lot of fun collaborating with Kevin on the production design for Carla Kosak’s music video.  It was really neat to see my design along with Kevin’s vision come to life.